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RS Pohoda

Lančov - Znojmo
Tents places: no
Caravan places: no
Cottage/Bungalow: yes, 18x 4L Cabins
Appartements/Rooms: yes, 4x 4L Room, 2x 2L Room
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Autocamp Milovice

Milovice u Hořic - Jičín
Tents places: yes, 40 tents
Caravan places: yes, 60 places, Mobilhomes 24 os
Cottage/Bungalow: yes, 11x2L, 27x3L, 12x4L Cabin,5x mobilhome
Appartements/Rooms: no
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Kemp Václav

Cheb-Podhrad - Cheb
Tents places: yes
Caravan places: yes, el.sockets 6A a 10A a 16A
Cottage/Bungalow: yes, 5,6L Mobilhomes
Appartements/Rooms: no
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Eurocamping Bojkovice

Bojkovice - Uherské Hradiště
Tents places: yes, 10 places
Caravan places: yes, 40 places, el.sockets 6A
Cottage/Bungalow: yes, 4-5L Cabins, 5L mobilhome, 98 persons
Appartements/Rooms: no
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Kemp u Kukačků a Penzion DaJa

Horní Planá - Český Krumlov
Tents places: yes, 150 places
Caravan places: yes, 50 places, el.sockets 10A
Cottage/Bungalow: yes, 4,8L Cabin, 2,4L karavany, 2x 6L mobilhaim
Appartements/Rooms: yes, 8x 2,3,4L Rooms
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Penziony San Marco

Mutěnice - Hodonín
Tents places: yes
Caravan places: yes, el.sockets 6A
Cottage/Bungalow: no
Appartements/Rooms: yes, 2x penzion 30 persons, 5,6L Apartments
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Camp Dolce ***

Trutnov - Trutnov
Tents places: yes, 150 places, 5L rodinné tenty
Caravan places: yes, 150 places, el.socket 6A
Cottage/Bungalow: yes, 2,3,4,5,6,8L Cabins, 3x 4,6L Mobilhiem
Appartements/Rooms: yes, 5-6L Pokoje zděné houses
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Kemp U Kučerů

Zlatá Koruna - Český Krumlov
Tents places: yes, 250 places, 2ha
Caravan places: yes, 8 places, el.sockets
Cottage/Bungalow: yes, 10x 4L Cabin
Appartements/Rooms: yes, Pension 6x 3L, 6L Rooms, 24 persons
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Autokemp Podhradí

Vítkov - Opava
Tents places: yes, 60 places
Caravan places: yes, 10x el.socket
Cottage/Bungalow: yes, 18x 4L Cabin, 5x 5L Bungalow
Appartements/Rooms: yes, 3-5L Rooms, 16 persons
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